Behind every beautiful image, garment, project or presentation there's a crack team of talented and dedicated artists, designers and technicians. Below are listings by collection, project and profession. If the person you are looking for is not listed here, please send us an enquiry in the contact form. This page will forever be work in progress. If you should be on this list and are not, or your link is out of date, please do get in touch


AGxRF  |  collaborator/garment designer alexandra groover   |  pineapple leather  pinatex   |  lookbook photography tom medwell  |  models manko and andro   |  makeup pat grimm   assistant  monk   location dalston pier   |


lost collection   |   lookbook photographer Oliver David   |   model Miss Miranda   |  stylist Irene Manicone   |   studio assistant Rebecca Elley   |   remade metal beaded necklace Clare Whitt   |   metalwork assistance SSJ workshop   |   couture leathers handmade at ECCO Leather R&D in Dongen, The Netherlands   |
SS12 iconoclash   |   lookbook photographer Nathan Gallagher   |   model Manko   |   makeup RTW Sascha Rai   | makeup couture  Oscar Alexander  |  photographers assistant Monk Stevens   |   retouching M. Seth Jones   |   ballerina  Simona Martini   |   print designer Clarice Rebecca Buck   |   metal accessories Clare Whitt   |   spine ring sculptor David Bradley/The Curious Confectioner   |   interns Rebecca Elley, Tea Cake, Vivian Cheung, Siam Colvine,  Kanika Sachdeva   |   leather consultant Ed Griffiths   |   couture leathers handmade at ECCO Leather R&D in Dongen, The Netherlands   |   LFW presentation soundtrack and afterparty performance Lydia Lunch   |
AW11 jus in bello   |   lookbook photographer Kate Friend   |   model Kirsten Varley  |  makeup and hair Natalie O'Connor   |   campaign  photographer Fiona Garden   | models Eva and Vin   |   studio assistant  Sarah Alice Thrower   |   interns Clarice Rebecca Buck, David Maunder, Kanika Sachdeva, Poppy Beatrice   |   couture leathers handmade at ECCO Leather R&D in Dongen, The Netherlands   |   fashion film: model  Simona Martini, director Tristan Versluis, DOP Stuart White   |   LFW presentation performers: ballet Simona Martini,  violin Anna Phoebe 
SS11 the girl i never was   |   photographer Grant Thomas  |  model Layla Pudule   |   styling Laura Bartlett   | LFW secret performance The Irrepressibles   |   toile du jouy illustration and screenprinting Victoria McGrane/Neurotica   |   leather workshop The Little Workshop  |   leather assistant Takuji Mizutani   | leather consultant Edward Griffiths   |   couture leathers handmade at ECCO Leather R&D in Dongen, The Netherlands   |
AW10 future noir   |   lookbook photographer Diego Indraccolo   |   model Kirsten Varley   |   Stylist Kay Korsh   |   lookbook and LFW show makeup Jack Saundercock   |   LFW makeup assistant Kelly Ager/ Addicted To Pretty   |   LFW models Manko, Sascha Rai, Nina Kate, Nell Nabarro   |  LFW production and press Bloody Gray   |   LFW sponsors Fashion Scout, Crystal Skull vodka, Sophie Jonas   |   latex technician Lady Lucie   |   interns Sarah Alice Thrower, Laura Bartlett|  shoes Natacha Marro
SS10 the grey area   |   lookbook photographer Philip Volkers   |   models Alex Crowe, Miia Forbes, Danielle Foster   |   hair Natasha Lawes   |   latex technician Lady Lucie   |   campaign photographer David Alexandre  |  shoes Natacha Marro
AW09 pandora's box   |   LFW sponsors On|Off Presents.., MAC   |   LFW hair showpiece Robert Masciave   |   shoemaker Takuji Mizutani   |   campaign images Steve Kraitt   |   reflective fabrics Regine Elastics   |   interns Victoria Hunt, Lady Lucie   |   special thanks Martin Conroy, Amanda May, Mark Fast   | gloves
behind the scenes, dev blog and DIY: is a non-profit music tech startup comprising a highly skilled team of musicians, artists, scientists and technologists developing cutting-edge wearable technology for the performance and composition of music. This musical glove system represents a truly elegant fusion of traditional textiles with advanced motion tracking electronics and algorithms. Combined with dedicated gesture detection and mapping software, gloves offer a new and flexible approach to the control of music and visuals with intuitive human movement. Users experience a dramatic shift in their perceptions of music performance and composition as the technology fades away and what used to be a barrier to entry becomes an enabler of creative freedom.
"Imagine, instead of turning up a fader in order to bring in a sound or add reverb, you could be raising your arms to achieve the same effect. Or to move a sound around the room, you could simply point where you want it to be."


Imogen Heap - Grammy award winning musician and producer. Founder of Mi.Mu, executive director, the ultimate developer and tester.
Dr. Tom Mitchell - founder and author of neural networks. Computer scientist, researcher and electronic musician lecturing computer music at the University of the West of England, Bristol.
Dr. Kelly Snook - glove developer, project manager. Researcher, engineer and musician, Holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University spent nearly two decades as a NASA researcher.
Sebastian Madgwick - Designer of Mi.Mu hardware. Director of x-io Technologies, making wireless IMUs and custom electronics.
Hannah Perner Wilson - Futuristic DIY e-textile expert who combines conductive materials and craft techniques. Alumni of MIT media lab.
Dr. Adam Stark- Author of Glover software. Researcher, computer scientist and musician with a Ph.D. in digital signal processing and audio analysis in live musical performances and installations. Co-founder of arts-technology education studio Codasign.

photographers / DOP

Allan Amato   |  Matthew Brindle  |   Aurora Crowley   |   Oliver David   |   Michael Donovan   |   The Fashtons   |   Kate Friend   |  Nathan Gallagher   |   Fiona Garden   |   Ron Goldstein  |  Diego Indraccolo   |  Steve Kraitt  |  Helen Olds  |  Ellen Rogers  |  Matilda Temperley  |   Grant Thomas   |  Manuel Vason  |  Philip Volkers  |  Nicholas Stuart White  |


David Alexandre - artist/photographer  |   Ben Ashton  - fine artist/art director  | Ron Athey - artist/performer   |   David Bradley/The Curious Confectioner - food artist  |  Fancy Chance - cabaret/performance artiste|   Ed Griffiths- leather artisan|  Alexandra Groover - clothing designer  |  The Irrepressibles - musicians |  Lydia Lunch - musician/writer/provocateur  |   Christian Warren Landon - hair and accessories   |  Manko - model and muse  |  Amanda May - producer  |  Simona Martini - ballerina   Robert Masciave - hair sculptor   |   Takuji Mizutani - shoe designer   |  Clare Whitt - metalwork artist   |   Tristan Versluis  - director/special effects artist|  Alex Wrekage - metalwork sculptor/graphic artist/painter  |

artists and designers

Oscar Alexander - Makeup/hair artist  |  Vin Burnham - costume designer  Charlotte Rose Brazier - costume designer  |  Andrew Thomas Cartwright - pattern cutter extraordinaire   |  Empress Stah - aerialist/performance artist  Annike Flo - costume designer  |  Natalie O'Connor - set design/makeup/everything else imaginable  |   Becky Stewart - technology designer  |  Sarah Alice thrower - Head of RF webshop/studio assistant extraordinaire  |   Franck Trebillac - director and RF logo designer   |  Adam Wright - special effects/anamatronics  |

special thanks to Martin Conroy, without whom all of this fantastical nonsense may never have happened.. and who still needs a haircut